Inspired by Iceland
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Souvenir Shop

Great variety and good prices

minnjagripaverslun-kulumyndIn addition to offering various forms of recreation, Seatours Ltd. also operates an excellent souvenir and gift shop at its service centre on the harbour site. The aim is to offer visitors a wide variety of quality goods such as books, glass art, postcards, clothing from 66° North, ZoOn International (Icelandic desgin) and Glofi (Varma), Icelandic wool articles, CDs, films, local handcrafts and a range of other items. Take some time to have a look at our assortment.

During the summer we offer snacks, sushi-to-go, soup of the day, slices of cake and waffles at our harbour café. Enjoy the view over the harbour with a good cup of coffee.