Inspired by Iceland
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West Iceland

Nature steeped in History and Beauty

Discover West Iceland’s rich culture and nature

There’s much more to West Iceland than the spectacular Snaefellsjokull, the glacier made famous by Jules Verne, gleaming in the summer sunshine. The beauty and variety of Icelandic nature is everywhere. Magnificent views overlooking mountains and glaciers, fertile regions, colourful birdlife, abundant rivers and lakes, fjords and bays, along with gushing geothermal activity.

But West Iceland is more than magnificent nature. Land and history form an unbroken whole as the setting for sagas like Sturlunga, Egils Saga, Eyrbyggja and Laxdaela, not to mention the rich folklore and tales of adventure. Tours bring history to life as museums and historical sites abound.

For the outdoor enthusiasts, there is enough to keep them busy all summer long. Horse riding tours are popular, as are hiking, fishing and golf. At the end of an active day, there are plenty of swimming pools and hot pots to relax in. Accommodation covers the complete range from sleeping bag to hotel.

The mystical Breidafjordur Bay, with its countless islands is home to all kinds of sea life and tours are offered out to visit  the islands covered with birds, and some tours offering ocean fishing.