Booking Instructions

When booking online these are the steps you need to take

If you want to stay overnight or for a stopp over in Flatey, please book the leg over the
fjord Stykkishólmur - Brjánslækur or the other way and then contact us and let us know that you want to say overnight or for the day in Flatey at PLEASE NOTICE - all guests, who are staying on Hotel Flatey need to book with us by email, they can NOT book online. 

The car is always going the whole way, because it is not possible to take a car with you to Flatey, and also no need, it is only a tiny island. Our staff drives the car out for you on the other side. You will get the keys again when you come back on board to the ferry. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Select departure from.....
  2. Departure date - pick one way or select a return date
  3. How many will be travelling - There you click on the passenger column and select how many are travelling with the plus and minus. Please notice for the ferry we have two seasons: 

    Summer 1st June until 31st August: Adults 21+, Teenager 16-20 and Children 0-15

    Winter 1st Sep until 31st May: Adults 16+, Teenager 12-15 and Children 0-11

    Select then Find my trip
    Now you will see the option for departure time
  4. Select departure time
  5. If you need to add a vehicle then you can by clicking on ADD VEHICLE below the departure time
  6. If you have added a vehicle then you need to select a type of car, regular or wide and so on. It is very important to have the right measurement if the car is longer than 5 meters or wider then 2 meters then it is a large car or a mobile home. If it is a rental car then click that box.
    It is important to book the correct length of car and also the length of the trailer if traveling with such a device.
    Incorrect length can have the consequence that there is not enough space for the car or trailer.
  7. Fill out your details, name and so on - important to have your mobile
    the number on the booking
  8. Pay for your ticket - we do not accept American Express
  9. You will get your confirmation via emailCancellation more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled arrival date incurs 5% changing fee. Refund only 95% of the ISK amount, which was paid. Cancellation less than 6-24 hours prior to the scheduled arrival time incurs 50% refund. Cancellation less than 5 hours before departure incurs no refund.