The ferry Baldur offers year-round trips to Brjánslækur, located in Iceland's West Fjords – which are a definite must-visit for anyone seeking to behold Iceland's natural beauty.

3h & 15 min Transport

Brjánslækur is an age-old manor and parsonage located on the mouth of Vatnsfjörður. Besides a ferry slip and an old shellfish factory, visitors will also find the protected ruins Flókatóftir in Brjánslækur, believed to be the ruins of Hrafna-Flóki's settlement (Hrafna-Flóki was one of Iceland's first settlers).

For anyone interested in visting the West Fjords, the ferry Baldur is a comfortable way to travel. The trip across Breiðafjörður takes around two and a half hours. During the trip, passengers can sit back and enjoy a nice view of the fjord's so-called “innumerable” islands.

Please note that it takes about 45 minutes to drive from Brjánslækur to Patreksfjörður, the nearest urban area.


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Must-visit for anyone seeking to behold Iceland's natural beauty.