On-Board Services

Aboard Herjólfur there are three main passenger areas: a dining area, a TV room and a lounge located on the top floor of the passenger deck.

In the dining area, there is a cafeteria that offers hot food, sandwiches, confections, cakes, coffee and other refreshments. The dining area is bright and open and sits about 130 guests. The TV room is divided in two, with about 80 seats where passengers can relax. In addition to sofas and benches being located in various places aboard the ferry, the lounge (located on the top floor) is also furnished with comfortable chairs and tables. In the main passenger area, there is a play area for children, specially designed to help them pass the time.

Herjólfur's crew tries its best to make the passengers' experience as pleasant as possible and we especially recommend that travelers enjoy the beautiful view while traveling.

food and drink

Hot food, sandwiches, confections, cakes, coffee and other refreshments are served at Herjólfur's cafeteria, allowing passengers to enjoy good food and drink during their passage.
Special offers are available for larger groups. For additional information please send an email to herbryti@eimskip.is.


Special facilities for pets are to be found on the ferry's car deck, where four cages in four different sizes are available. Passengers traveling in a car can keep their pets inside their cars during the trip. Passengers traveling with pets are asked to contact the ferry's staff on the car deck for additional information..

play area

A special play area where children can pass the time during their trip (by watching movies, for example) is located inside the ferry's main dining area.. 

Accessibility for the Disabled

Both the harbor in the West Man Islands and Landeyjahöfn harbor provide easy access for travelers with disabilities, with lifts to the gangway that are compatible with most types of wheelchairs. The gangway itself is a sloping ramp (also compatible with most types of wheelchairs). Please note that the angle of the gangway is dependent upon sea level.

Aboard Herfjólfur there are two elevators for the general public, one on the car deck, providing access to both the main deck and the passenger deck. This is a rather small elevator, but big enough to accommodate smaller wheelchairs. The other elevator leads from the main deck to the top deck, that is if passengers want to step outside during the trip.

At Herjólfur's service desk in Þorlákshöfn, there is also a lift from the office to the gangway.

If needed, the ferry's staff are always prepared to assist travelers with disabilities.